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Stefan is a versatile art-director who also works as a graphic designer, visualizer, image enhancer/manipulator, illustrator and painter. He has a strong visual eye as well as a keen eye for detail. Having worked for several agencies, and directly for clients, small and big, Stefan developed a hands-on mentality and a strong will to strive for the best and most beautiful and most relevant way to communicate.

You can reach him at stefan@wemakestuffcollective.com



Agency: Blend Amsterdam
Client: Rataplan

Rataplan is a chain of concept thrift stores that employs disadvantaged people. The store needed a clear, easy to read and understandable manual workbook for it's employees. The 80 page book teaches the basics of sorting, styling and the use of colour as well as offering many tips and inspiration.

Stefan created the illustrations and did the graphic design of the book.


Nederland op z'n Marktplaats

We toured around the Netherlands with a mobile photo studio to capture Marktplaats users in image and in story. The book contains a lot of interesting and funny facts, pictures of products sold by users, bizarre items that have been sold, news articles and funny quotes by users.


Togetherness starts with a TEE

A short documentary for Face This charity.
Director & Camera: Stefan Da Costa Gomez
Producer: Jost van der Hoek, Marieke Prette
Editor: Chee-Han Kartosen-Wong
Colourist: Barry Clarke from Captcha!
Sound Design: Jaap Wajer from Loudness.IO



Client: WNF
Agency: Young Works

A1 cover created for the monthly Posterzine that is part of the donation campaign called 'WNF-Lifeguard' targeted specifically to teenagers between the age of 12-18 years old. Every month has it's own theme. October's theme was ' Sharing'


Eye-popping 3D paintings

As 'Phynta'  Stefan is also working on a series of paintings in which he combines the classic analog craft of painting with todays digital hype of 3D. Each painting reveals hints of the tragic endings of icons form the Golden Age of Hollywood. A pair of red-cyan (anaglyph) 3D glasses unlock a new way of experiencing paintings: in eye-popping 3D!

Follow Phynta at www.facebook.com/phynta3D